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To Kill or To Love Your Ego? - with JP Sears

UN Rolls Out Agenda 2030 "Global(ist) Goals" - #NewWorldNextWeek

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: US Complains As Russia Bombs Its Terrorists
Russians Strike Targets in Syria, But Not ISIS Areas
The Real “Blowback” in Syria
Deploy the Pedophiles! More Than 30k New UN Peacekeepers To Be Added by 50 Countries
Putin's UN Syria Show Pushes Moscow Back to Center Stage
BBC Suggests Nuclear Destruction of Russia Might Be Needed
New Patch for US Troops Fighting ISIS Looks Like ISIS Logo
Saudi Arabia Threatens Syria With Military Action
Saudi Arabia Will “Be-Heading” Key Human Rights Panel
Soros Group ‘White Helmets’ Busted Recycling Syrian Propaganda Images
Kremlin Threatens Response to U.S. Nuclear Bomb Deployment in Germany

Story #2: UN Launches “2030 Agenda” Blueprint For A United World
UN Wants To Censor Internet To Save Feminists’ Feelings
“Cyber Violence Against Women And Girls: A Global Wake-up Call”

Story #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek - Indiana Passes Law To Legalize Shooting Police
Styrofoam-Eating Mealworms Might Help Reduce Plastic Waste
Jade Helm Ends Without Martial Law Or Texas Takeover
2014 The Least Violent Year in Decades
Oregon Becomes Third US State To Allow Recreational Marijuana Sales

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: Drug Enforcement Agents Fail Drug Tests
Canadian Military Explored Plan to Fully Integrate Forces With US
Hey, That CIA Agent Everyone Loves Is On Twitter Now!

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The Real “Blowback” in Syria

The Real “Blowback” in Syria

 • 09/29/2015 • 6 Comments
russia-china-750x425by James Corbett
September 29, 2015
A month and a half ago, when the US-Turkey deal for the creation of Kurdish ISIS-free zones was still the big talking point in the Syrian war, Russia was engaged in a diplomatic effort that flew under the radar. Their plan: to create a “broad coalition” of countries to seriously confront the ISIS threat. The idea, floated by Russian minister Lavrov at the Iran nuclear negotiations in Vienna and other international venues, received little attention and wasn’t taken very seriously by anyone. Spurned by the so-called “Syrian National Council,” rejected by the Saudis, and, inevitably, turned down cold by the White House, it looked like this was destined to be another Russian foreign policy initiative that would whither on the vine.
Oh what a difference a month makes. Far from giving up on the idea, Russia simply decided to proceed with their own “coalition of the willing,” much to the chagrin of the yellow press of the West. Faux outrage over the presence of Russian military advisers and equipment in the country (neither a new nor a surprising development given Russia’s military alliance with Syria) soon gave way to consternation over Russia’s military/intelligence alliance with Iran and Iraq and even the possible extension of that alliance to include Hezbollah and Yemen.
But this week’s bombshell threatens to blow all of that out of the water: the latest (unconfirmed) reports indicate China is getting involved in the fight. According to Al-Masdar Al-‘Arabi, a high-ranking Syrian army official has confirmed to the news site that Chinese involvement in the Syrian conflict is here: “the Chinese will be arriving in the coming weeks.” This follows a week of speculation piqued by the apparent deployment of a Chinese cruiser to the Mediterranean that Russian Senator Igor Morozov has asserted is taking part in Russia’s Syrian operations.
If these reports are true, then there is a significant shift taking place in the Syria narrative, long dominated by the West, the Gulf states, the Israelis, the Turks and their puppet organizations in the country. We are now witnessing the rise of a power bloc that contains the second and third largest militaries on the planet as well as the active cooperation of the governments actually effected by the ISIS invasion. That brings with it a legitimacy that the US and GCC could only wish for in the conflict.
All eyes are now on the UN General Assembly, where it seems Obama and Putin are engaging in a tit-for-tat on the Syrian conflict and the respective parties’ participation in it. It is also evident that the US has lost even more face in the international community as Russia once again steps up to the plate with actual decisive actions that show they mean business.
This turn of events is much closer to what is meant by the mealy-mouthed “blowback” explanation that left war apologists love to use to explain things like the rise of Al Qaeda or the rise of ISIS. According to the proponents of the blowback theory, the current mess in Syria wasn’t a deliberate strategy to foment an Islamic State (as even the former head of the DIA has now publicly accused the White House of doing); no, it’s “blowback” and “unintended consequences” by a “bungling administration” that “can’t do intervention right.”
Well here’s blowback of a much different sort. The US, the Saudis, the Turks, the Israelis, all of these parties have used the conflict as an excuse for showboating, hand-wringing, and advancing their own agendas in the region. And now, as a result, a military coalition that is actually interested in obliterating the ISIS terror boogeyman has arisen.
It remains to be seen whether this is just more 2D chess in support of 3D machinations. Rumors that Putin has been willing to put Assad on the chopping block since the very beginning of the conflict persist, and it will be interesting to see if Russia ultimately puts some sort of Assad “power-sharing” arrangement on the table as a concession to get the ball moving diplomatically in Syria.
But however it plays out from here, there is no happy ending for Obama and his partners in crime. Their carefully constructed terror boogeyman is increasingly looking like its days are numbered.
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M-Beat - Style (1993)

Friday, September 25, 2015

John Lennon is Still Being Assassinated for Telling the Truth

John Lennon is Still Being Assassinated for Telling the Truth

I really have to laugh at these sanctimonious, arm-wringing gobshites who are in their latest state of extreme hysterical convulsions over the video of John Lennon on speed, nearly 50 - YES FIFTY -  years ago making fun of disabled people on some shit TV show. He was just being an immature young guy from a troubled background who had probably been up for four nights straight, then going on a stupid TV show full of stupid jokes that haven't aged well. He was hardly endorsing the genocide of disabled people. He was just being a dick. Get over it.

I don't even like the Beatles music, but this is just moronic how people are behaving over this. The post-Ceil the Lion mass hysteria is creating withdrawal symptoms in the easily rattled.

(but hey, they are still humans oh seekers of perfection in all others but yourselves...)

My my, haven't we all become so sanctimonious and 'oppressed' since the 1990s when Ben Elton left his multi-millionaire family upbringing to lecture us all on how to be 'inclusive' and 'tolerant' and to embrace something called 'diversity'. Funny, I haven't seen that rich prick move into the high-rise council estate I grew up in? Oh! It's not THAT KIND of diversity. Gotcha Benny!

Popular culture and society in general is so fake and superficial. Things that were mundanely 'offensive' years ago now 'shock' people for no other reason than Political Correctness has 'coached' them to be shocked.

This 'shock' is not a personal realisation the sanctimonious have come to by themselves. They were brought there. Their 'outrage' is completely engineered for them. The same Politically Correct types of today who are so 'offended' these days, back in the time of the Roman Colosseum would be watching people eaten by lions like everyone else then. No leadership had yet ordered them to become disgusted and shocked.

When I see people today watching harmless Carry On films and 'sexist' things like that and they are 'shocked' - I know I am dealing with a complete tosser without a single independent thought in their heads. While it is perfectly understandable we are left speechless by the true horrors/socially destructive bigotries of the past, the easiest thing to do is to judge someone from another time and another place using today's superficial morality/political correctness.

The past is another country, and the inhabitants are very foreign. They are not evil, they are just another tribe apart from us by time and ethics, rather than distance and language. They were still humans who laughed, loved and cried. And yes, they did and said stupid things like we all do.

Political Correctness and the new puritanical 'moral righteousness' is just a new mechanism by which to dehumanise strangers who never did us any personal harm. Which brings me to the title of this post and why John Lennon was murdered and why, to this day, the ruling classes have a vested interest in digging up his corpse and killing him OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN:

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How to be a Powerful Parent (funny) - with JP Sears

Squeeze The Trigger


Proper Trigger Squeeze Is Important
Proper Trigger Squeeze Is Important
How To Shoot Books
Parts & Magazines
Laser Bullet for Gun Training


When shooting handguns, the proper placement position of your finger on the trigger is on the pad of your finger approximately half way between the tip of your finger and the first joint. But according to the range master, it is not a fast and hard rule. What is more important is that when grasping a handgun you have a space or gap between the base of your trigger finger and the gun. If you have this gap when you fire the gun you will have better accuracy because you are pulling the trigger straight backwards and are not exerting any sideways motion on the gun during the trigger pulling motion. 

Visible gap between finger
and Glock 26 pistol
Close-up of finger placement
gap on Glock 26
Correct finger pad placement
on trigger of Glock 26


It's one of the fundamentals of good shooting and is the ability to pull the trigger straight back without any sideward motion which would move the gun off target or disturb the sight picture. Improper squeeze is one of the main reasons shooters miss their targets. Improper squeeze is usually caused by jerking, flinching or improper positioning of the finger on the trigger.

  1. Your hand must be properly positioned as high up as possible on the grip.
  2. Your trigger finger should have a small gap between it and the side of the handgun to allow for a straight pull back of the trigger.
  3. The front of the trigger should contact the mid-pad of the first joint of your trigger finger.
  4. Squeeze with steady increasing pressure. When you begin to squeeze it you will have a certain amount of slack. You will then hit the break point of the trigger and the gun will discharge. If you have a good squeeze you will not know exactly when the gun fires and you will not tend to flinch or jerk the weapon. The firing of the gun should surprise you each time you pull the trigger.


  1. Practice by dry firing your gun.
  2. Practice at the range with a low recoil .22 caliber handgun. The low recoil and reduced noise will help cure flinching.
  3. Only move your trigger finger during the squeeze. If your other fingers move you may be applying sideward pressure to the gun which will disturb the sight alignment.
  4. Concentrate on your squeeze with every shot. By paying attention and with repetition your trigger squeeze will improve. 
  5. Minimize flinching by wearing better hearing protection. The less noise you hear when it goes bang, the less you will flinch.
  6. Practice with a revolver at the range. Load some chambers some with normal loads and some empty chambers. Spin the cylinder so you don't know when you pull the trigger if you will fire a live round or an empty chamber. If you flinch it will be apparent.
  7. Shoot slower and concentrate on trigger pull.
  8. Some people repeat a word or phrase in their mind as the squeeze the trigger to take their concentration off of the expected flinching. 
Note - It is hard to "unlearn" bad trigger pull techniques and overcome flinching. It may take several hundred or thousands of rounds to overcome bad habits. Be patient.


You can check this for yourself by dry firing at home. With a verified empty gun (of course) practice dry firing by aiming at a small object or spot on the wall that is easily visible. Look for the trigger finger gap, then while aiming, pull the trigger. The front sight of the gun should not move off the targeted object as you hear the click. If it does move off target then you are doing something wrong and need to investigate your technique some more.


The amount of travel a trigger moves before discharge.


The point of travel of the trigger at which point the firing pin is release and the gun is fired.


A quick pulling of the trigger which induces slight sideward motion and throws you shot off.


The unwanted motion of your body when you anticipate recoil and the loud bang. Anticipated recoil is difficult to overcome. When you anticipate recoil you tend to push forward (or down) the muzzle of the gun which usually results in low shots on the target. How to stop flinching.


Keep your trigger finger gap in mind when purchasing a new hand gun. At the gun store grasp the gun as if you were going to shoot it, then look at the placement of your finger. If you don't see the gap between the gun and your finger as shown in the picture, then the gun or the handle grips is too large for your hand.  Try swapping grips or look for a different (but smaller gun) to fit your hand.