Thursday, September 11, 2014

Aplhaville - Heaven on Earth (The Things We Got To Do)

The Girls be like; “does my bomb look big in this”? (Putin Named As Pedo!)

Course, Putin, like Cameron and Obama is just a front man – a puppet of the elite.  All the world really is a stage and the little Russian fella is just playing his part.

Indeed, rumours have been circulating for years that the former KGB boss is a paedophile and obviously that fits a politicians MO perfectly.

Indeed, Alexander Litvinenko, the spy allegedly poisoned by Russian agents even wrote an article before he died naming Putin as a nonce cunt.

Alexander Litvinenko wrote a sensational and unsubstantiated article earlier this year accusing Putin of having had sex with underage boys:  The bizarre story appeared on a website linked to the president’s foes in the breakaway region of Chechnya.  The article dated 5 July on the Chechenpress website – seen by the Russian authorities as an anti-Kremlin propaganda tool supporting terrorists – begins by describing an incident involving Putin that took place in June.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Talouspakotteiden todellinen syy: tämä on harhautus

Breaking Eyewitness Evidence of Child Killing by Dutch royalty, George Soros and others

Our global network is advised that some of our key front line workers are facing new threats and attacks this week following our publicizing of the exclusive testimony of Anne Marie van Blijenburgh, regarding child sacrificial practices of European royalty and other elites. (see, September 10)
Two of our Belgian researchers were picked up and interrogated on September 11 by the police, and detained without charges for over a day. They were repeatedly asked by the police for information about the identity of our Tribunal officers and the movements of our North American Field Secretary Kevin Annett.
Kevin Annett himself is now under close protection after experiencing what appears to be an attempted assassination of him in Canada that occurred last Saturday, September 13. The car he was using had its brake lines cut and he narrowly avoided a major, lethal accident on a highway in British Columbia.
This attack confirms a report we received last month that an assassination order against Kevin has been issued by Ndrangheta, the criminal syndicate named in our postings that provides children for the Ninth Circle catholic sacrificial rituals.

The first of four statements by Anne Marie van Blijenburgh, a Dutch national and a key eyewitness to ritual child killings by Dutch royalty and other elites including George Soros. Anne Marie describes the murders that have occurred since 2004 in Belgium and Holland, which she witnessed firsthand as the spouse of a member of the Ndrangheta criminal syndicate.
This statement was made before officers of the International Common Law Court of Justice this past summer, as part of its prosecution of Pope Francis and others for child trafficking and Ninth Circle ritual killings. The other parts of this interview are forthcoming at Recorded live on June 5, 2014 from Holland.

Hear This Well: Breaking the Silence on Vaccine Violence